An amazing opportunity to build a deep connection with the healing herbs.  You will gain hands on experience helping Will produce his 70+ herbal products.  This means gathering, processing, making fluid extracts, bottling, taking inventory, packing orders, etc, etc, etc...

We meet 8-5 on Fridays , year round.  We take a one-hour lunch break. Out of the 8 working hours, 20% is pure teaching. Herb gathering work counts as teaching time and, if we miss one week of teaching, we generally make it up within the month.  I have had over 450 apprentices in the last 30 years, and learned a lot about teaching in that time. My goal for students in the apprenticeship program, is for everyone to build a solid herbal foundation, and to get a good grasp on what these healing plants look like, and how to use, and connect with them. -Will

Steps to be completed in order:

  1. Get to know Will: Read apprenticeship guidelines, and whole web page; including testimonials, watching all videos,  and listening to podcast.
  2. Please call Will (no emails!) at 919-451-6643, so you can ask each other questions.
  3. Attend a minimum of one class, so you know what we're about.
  4. Write, or email Will a letter telling him why you want to be an apprentice, and what you intend to do with the knowledge, and the experience you will gain.
  5. Send Will 3 references with telephone numbers, so that he may call them.
  6. Begin! There is a one month pre-paid trial period before you and Will both fully commit.  To begin the trial period, pay Will $274 in advance.
    Once you and Will have both committed, and the 1 month trial period is over, the apprenticeship will continue on a work-for-knowledge basis, with no further money changing hands.

Additional Info:

  • Apprentices meet on Fridays 8-5, year round. You must commit to attending 52 Fridays, and since you will not be meeting on every Friday, your commitment will take longer than one calendar year.
  • The Fridays that Will is gone, or the Holiday Fridays mentioned below, will not count toward the 52 Fridays.
  • Will will probably work on Good Friday, Thanksgiving Friday, (and Christmas Friday), but does not expect the apprentices to do so as well.
  • Will takes many short 4-day trips that generally do not affect Friday apprenticeship, but he also usually takes a 14-21 day, July gathering trip in the WVa, or NC mountains, and a 3-8 week in September and October.  (And sometimes early November). 
  • In the past, Will has spent time in the winter months in the Fl. Keys collecting, selling, studying, and teaching about herbs.  Normally, this is a 6-8 week trip.  This trip doesn’t necessarily happen every year.
  • Apprentices are sometimes invited on the summer, and fall herb gathering trips, but it is not required.  The trips are to locations that are 6-7 hours from Hillsborough. 

Normal job ethics apply. 


Please read the document below for more detailed guidelines about the apprenticeship.  (Some of it is redundant)

*We can only have 4 apprentices working at any one time.  When this limit is reached, applicants will be placed on a waiting list.