An amazing opportunity to build a deep connection with the healing herbs.  You will gain hands on experience helping Will produce his 70+ herbal products.  This means gathering, processing, making fluid extracts, bottling, taking inventory, packing orders, etc.

We meet 8-5 on Fridays , year round.  We take a one-hour lunch break. Out of the 8 working hours, 20% is pure teaching. Herb gathering work counts as teaching time and, if we miss one week of teaching, we generally make it up within the month.  I have had over 490 apprentices in the last 30 years, and learned a lot about teaching in that time. My goal for students in the apprenticeship program, is for everyone to build a solid herbal foundation, and to get a good grasp on what these healing plants look like, and how to use, and connect with them. -Will

Steps to be completed in order:

  1. Read apprenticeship guidelines, and whole website; including testimonials, all videos, and listening to the podcast, press, and radio resources.
  2. Call Will at 919-451-6643, so you can ask each other questions.
  3. Attend a minimum of one class, so you know what we're about.
  4. Write, or email Will a letter telling him why you want to be an apprentice, and what you intend to do with the knowledge, and the experience you will gain.
  5. Send Will 3 references with telephone numbers, so that he may call them.
  6. Begin! The apprenticeship has always been an opportunity that does not cost money.  However,there is a one month pre-paid trial period before you and Will both fully commit.  To begin the trial period, 12 month apprentices must pay Will $274 in advance.  6 month apprentices must pay $137 in advance.
    Once you and Will have both committed, and the 1 month trial period is over, the apprenticeship will continue on a work-for-knowledge basis, with no further money changing hands.

Additional Info:

  • Wills Wild Herbs offers 6 month, and 12 month apprenticeships. 
  • Apprentices meet on Fridays 8-5, year round. You must commit to attending 52 Fridays (1 Year) or 26 Fridays (6 months), and since we will not be meeting on every Friday, your commitment will take longer than one calendar year.
  • The Fridays that Will is gone, or the Holiday Fridays mentioned below, will not count toward the 52 Fridays.
  • Will takes many short 4-day trips that generally do not affect Friday apprenticeship, but he also usually takes a 14-21 day, July gathering trip in the WVa, or NC mountains, and a 3-8 week in September and October.  (And sometimes early November). 
  • In the past, Will has spent time in the winter months in the Fl. Keys collecting, selling, studying, and teaching about herbs.  Normally, this is a 6-8 week trip.  This trip doesn’t necessarily happen every year.
  • Apprentices are sometimes invited on the summer, and fall herb gathering trips, but it is not required.  The trips are to locations that are 6-7 hours from Hillsborough. 

Normal job ethics apply. 


Please read the Apprenticeship Guidelines for more detailed guidelines about the apprenticeship.  Once you are done, please print, sign and return it