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Snuffy Smith-

To the whole world!
on Will Endres

Educator: Will has a lot to teach about native and non-native plants. He has studied with many old time herbalists and he considers himself a lifelong learner. He knows and uses the common names, regional names, and latin names of plants. Will has worked with the U.S Army teaching survival food, and medicine, from plants. He has taught many people through private classes as well as through the college system. People tend to take Will's classes over and over, because the diversity is so great that you cannot learn it all in one class, and one season. Besides, it's FUN! Even after students have taken their first class though, they often realize they have already begun to learn knowledge that can be used and built on for the rest of their lives. Some students have become the next generation of herbalists, and teachers, working with Will to help spread the knowledge and uses of plants.

Wildcrafter: Will knows the when, the where, and the why to collect plants for food, and medicine. He knows the growing seasons of the plants, the best time to harvest them, and all of the pieces of the plant to use. Where to find the plants seems natural to him. Will is very ethical in the collecting and harvesting process. He never takes it all, leaving or planting more than he takes. He knows when to eat, dry, tincture, make tea, and a multitude of other ways make use of what nature provides.

Healer: As a healer, Will is not a one size fits all person. He educates himself about the client, taking into account the lifestyle, age, etc. He then decides which plant or plants to use and how. Will has worked with M.D's both as a teacher, and as a colleague on cases that are not responding to their (allopathic) methods.

Will Endres means a lot to me. He has made my life better,

Thomas L. “Snuffy” Smith.